Hey, I’m Laura — I’ve been a writer almost as long as I’ve been a believer.

During my first decade after college, I enjoyed using my talent & skill primarily in the classrooms where I taught and in the various ministries where I served (even overseas).

But over the past few years, I’ve been amazed to realize the number of brilliant small business owners I knew personally who were feeling stuck & frustrated in their communications strategy.

I started poking & prodding around in conversations (gently, of course…as any good friend eventually does 🙂 ) to learn more about where they were, who they were trying to sell to, and what was standing in their way.

I realized that even though I wasn’t an expert in their industry or niche, it felt effortless & energizing for me to brainstorm communications strategy with them to help more clients & customers to pay attention to their products & services.

I realize that I didn’t have to stop being an educator or serving in ministry in order to pursue my dream of using my writing skills to help small business owners — I just needed to redefine what it looked like to educate, inspire, and serve others in this season.

Drafted Life Communications was born out of that — hoping to use my brilliance to make your brilliance clear, one message at a time.

So here I am, and here you are — ready to talk about leveling up together?

Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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